It’s Hot!!!

I’m not sure what is causing this whole “lets not snow this year” phenomenon, but I am sick of it! The season has still been amazing and a lot of fun, and I have tried to stay positive and just make the best of what we do have; making up new lines, improving my ability to ski sketchy conditions, and attempting to make friends with the park again.

It is hard to stay optimistic however when the first 2 stops on the World Freeskiing Tour, Les Arcs and Verbier, were cancelled due to lack of snow just a couple days before I was supposed to fly out to Europe, our 55 inch base is melting fast, and it is raining in Whistler. The next month is up in the air, be it spending some time filming in Canada, doing some local comps, or whatever else. Who knows, but I’m stoked. Then back here for Snowbird, off to Jackson, Kirkwood, then finally France.

So here I am in hot Salt Lake with some massive shin-bang trying to gather some sky miles together to fly up to BC. We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.

Since I can’t think of anything else to put up, I’ll humor you with a shot of me on Cardiff, this was from 1 of the 2 dawn patrols in the past few weeks where we attempted to go up to Cardiac but bailed due to the conditions being absolutely horrible. (surprise surprise)


Oooh, check out that turn! Siiick.

Pray for snow. Please!

3 thoughts on “It’s Hot!!!”

  1. Who is that dare devil beauty? Is it a bird? is it a plane? No No it’s Super Suz.
    Dinner with Geo. and Sue and now your fun web site, way cool.

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