ski season is soooo close!

I just got back from the premere of “Respect,” Wink inc.’s movie for this year. And my new favorite ski movie. Its all big mountain, and all so sick. It certianly feels like it was the last straw pushing me to insanity though. It’s finally snowing again and we are less than a week away from opening day. Halle-friggen-luya! It is time, and I am fully prepared to ski harder, stronger, and more than I ever have before. My job, school, credit fraud, freeskier society, family, friends, evil death pnumonia, etc. have caused me to feel totally burried and suffocating. Not to mention it got hot again. Blech!! But now, things are falling back into place, and the ski season is upon us. I long to settle back into the lifestyle I love so much and feel so very at home in.

It is finally time to take a semester off school, taking a full schedule this past summer has put me at 4 consecutive semesters and to be honest I am getting a little burnt out, I will make the final push to December then be freeee! The thought of having my winter open to compete, chase storms, and never miss a powder day is almost too much to comprehend right now. It’s living the dream.
The weather report is calling for storm cycles all of next week. Alta is opening Thursday. 😀 😀 😀 😀 almost here… almost here… gotta just keep telling myself that.
Its 3 AM and I have a spanish test in 5 hours, but I am way too excited about skiing, everytime I look at my book my brain wants to explode.

I suppose I’ll try to get back at it. But this season is going to be amazing. Just like every season in the past, it is going to be my best season ever, because it just keeps getting better and better. Is life good or what?

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